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No specific pre-requisities for the course 

The course focuses on project management methodologies and tools. At the end of the course the student has the basic and advanced knowledge to organize, plan and control a project and to identify the development and launch strategies of a new product and service. In particular, the student knows the dynamics and critical aspects of project management, planning tools (scope statement, WBS, RAM, Gantt, Diagram, Network Diagram), tools for stakeholder and risk management, tools for controlling a project using the EVM methodology.

The Project Management course aims to provide knowledge and competences and skills in three important aspects of project management:

  • a) the project planning methodologies according the standard of Project Management Institute (PMI);
  • b) the theory, methods, quantitative tools and software used to effectively plan, organize, and control projects;
  • c) hands-on, practical project management knowledge from on-site situations and the development of a Project Management Plan as project work activities for the course.

The course contents relies on the standard of the Project Management body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Sixth EDITION 2017. Within the framework, students learn the methodologies and tools necessary for each aspect of the process as well as the theories upon which these are built.


Project life-cycle

The processes of project management

The Project charter

The scope of project and Time Management

Management of project costs

Management of project quality

Human resource management

The course has the objective to offer basic and advanced knowledge to program and manage projects. The teaching seeks to create professional profiles able to respond to needs of public and private sector for the ideation, development and evaluation of the project proposal. 

At the end of the course the students should be able to:

  • describe the 10 knowledge area of the Project management according to the Project Management body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide);
  • define the scope of a project and develop the project charter and project management plan;
  • use Gantt charts to present the activities of a project and Apply PERT Techniques for project planning;
  • apply the International Project Management Standards from the Project Management Institute (the PMBOK® Guide) to real-world situations;
  • apply the indicators to assess the performance of a project (EVA Earned Value Management Model);
  • communicate effectively and expressing arguments with preciseness, and debating findings;
  • develop effective writing skills through assignment reports .

Face-to-face Lecturers


Project work

Project work – 60 %

Exam – 40%

Questions related to the contents of the course.

Questions related to the project work developed.

To all students that frequent the course is offered a Participation Certificate form project management institute, Southern Chapter, that recognize 32 hours of project management. This is made possible thanks to the agreement signed by Engineering faculty and PMI southern chapter. 


· The context of project management

· European, national and regional programs (Horizon2020, FESR, PON, COSME, Erasmus, etc)

· Standards and e Certifications (Il PMBOK® Guide)

· Terminology

Project life-cycle

· Relation between product and project lifecycle

· The phases of the project

· The relationship between phases

The processes of project management

· Introduction to the processes of PM

· The 5 groups of PM processes

· The 9 areas of PM knowledge

The Project charter

· Develop the project charter

· Develop the plan of project management

The scope of project and Time Management

· Define the project scope

· The processes of Time Management

· Define the activities

· Resource estimation

· Develop and control scheduling

Management of project costs

· The processes of Time Management

· Cost estimation

· Budget determination

· Cost control

Management of project quality

· Quality planning

· Execute the quality control

Human resource management

· Develop the HR resources

· Manage the project team

A guide to the project management body of knowledge, Project Management Institute.

Lecturer notes.


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Oral - Final grade

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