Study Italian at Unisalento


Study Italian at the University of Salento

The CLA organises Italian language and culture courses for international students aimed at developing or consolidating their language skills. The training takes place in a highly qualified academic environment. The study program is flexible, with courses at various levels, both face-to-face and by distance learning, at different times of the year.

Courses are on-demand. They are designed to meet the requirements of students who need in-depth study of specific subjects.

Who are the courses for?

The courses are designed for all those who are interested in learning Italian for professional, academic or other specific purposes.

How are on-demand courses organized?

On-demand courses are organised with a minimum of 8 participants (maximum 16 participants).

A typical course includes:

  • general Italian language and culture lessons given by qualified teachers selected by CLA (duration: 60 hours);
  • lessons in Italian for specific purposes given by academic staff from the University of Salento for those who wish to learn Italian for use in specialized areas (duration: 24 hours);
  • social and cultural studies related to the Salento region and its surroundings (exploration of the area’s rich ethnic-linguistic heritage and the wealth of its local traditions) with the collaboration of expert tutors and selected university students (16 hours).

We organize three types of courses:

  • residential courses;
  • distance learning courses (online);
  • blended courses (i.e. partly residential and partly online).

For information, please contact us at the addresses above