PhD - New Call for Applications 2023/2024

PhD Call 39th Cycle: Applications for the competitive selection procedure must be made within and not after 13:00 (Italian time) on 17th July 2023

Department of  Cultural Heritage

  • Sciences for Cultural Heritage 
    PhD Call

Department of  Engineering for innovation

  • Material, Structure and Nanotechnology Engineering 
    PhD Call
  • Engineering of complex systems 
    PhD Call

Department of  Mathematics and Physics

Department of  Law Studies

Department of  Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies

  • Biological and environmental sciences and technologies
    PhD Call

Department of  History, Society and Human Studies

Department of  Humanities

  • Philosophy: Forms and History of Philosophical Knowledge
    PhD Call
  • Languages, Literatures and Cultures and their applications
    PhD Call

Department of Managerial Sciences

  • Digital Transformation and Sustainability. Firms and public Administrations in the global Economy
    PhD Call

National PhD Course for Public Administration

  • Regulation, Management and Law of Public Sector Organizations