Codice Fiscale (tax code)

The Codice Fiscale (tax code) is a personal code made up of letters and numbers, which uniquely identifies individuals within the Italian State, particularly from a fiscal and administrative point of view; it is not an identity document, but allows information to be exchanged between different administrations.

The tax code is indispensable for accessing the services of public bodies (e.g. to enrol at university and in the National Health Service), for signing contracts (e.g. for work or rent), for opening a bank account, but also for buying a phone card.

To obtain your tax code, you can apply to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence before arriving in Italy. This procedure is highly recommended, especially for those who have been awarded a scholarship, in order to facilitate and shorten (by a lot!) the time it takes to receive the scholarship once they arrive in Italy.

It can be requested abroad, by both Italians and foreigners, through the consular office.

The assignment of the tax code is immediate and takes place through a special telematic connection with the Fisconline service of the Agenzia delle Entrate. The card will then be sent by the latter.

To request the tax code at the Consular Office it is necessary to submit a request form together with a copy of an identity document:

For specific application procedures (transmission by fax, email, etc.) please visit the website of the competent consular office.