Student support

Students from low-income families can apply for tuition-fee reduction or exemption. 
Benefit eligibility for EU and non-EU students are set annually. 
If you are an international student living and working in Italy or with a family working in Italy, you are entitled to the same set of benefits, and should follow the same procedures and deadlines as the Italian students.
If you are an international student, resident abroad, you will also need the following official proof before your arrival in Italy:

  • family composition (in Italy it’s called Stato di famiglia, please ask the Italian Embassy in your Country);
  • family income (economic condition) of the whole family (e.g.Tax return);
  • family property ownership (e.g. Land Registry Office records, please ask the Italian Embassy in your Country).

These declarations must be translated into Italian and certified by the Italian Embassy or Consulate.
When you will arrive at the University of Salento, these documents will need to be authenticated by an office outside of the University (see the International Office for further information). You will then be given an Attestazione ISEEU, which is what you will need to apply for a grant, a canteen card and free/reduced rent room in Halls of Residence, etc. 
For further information regarding student support, click on ADISU (Agenzia per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario, information in Italian only), the agency responsible for student welfare services.