Planning your stay

Please bear in mind these things before leaving for Lecce:

  • Do you have sufficient knowledge of Italian to fully enjoy the experience (or at least you’re motivated to improve your knowledge)?
  • Do you have a valid identity card/passport?
  • Do you need a visa to come to Italy?
  • Where will you be living in Lecce?
  • Did you check your health insurance coverage in Italy?
  • Do you have enough ready money (or valid credit cards etc.)? During the first days after your arrival you will have expenses…


Documents you have to bring to Lecce:

  • Official admission letter
  • Original certificates of your qualifications required for university enrollment
  • If you already have studied in your country: original or legal copies of your degree certificates and transcripts of your courses issued by your University (in Italian or English)
  • A valid EU Identity card or passport
  • Check if you need a study visa for Italy because you can’t convert a tourism visa into a study visa once your tourism visa expires.
  • A number of passport-size recent photographs
  • For non EU citizens, you may be required to provide evidence that you have funds for your living expenses (at least €600/month). Check with the Italian Embassy in your country.


Important things you need to do during early days after arrival in Lecce:

  • Open a bank account (if, for example, you’ll be receiving an EU grant )
  • If you are a EU citizen, Register your address at the comune or if you are non-EU apply for a permesso di soggiorno permit to stay (if you are planning to stay in Lecce for a period exceeding 90 days)
  • Ensure you have a health insurance policy valid for Italy. EU citizens should select a local doctor, registering with IMPS (Contact the International Office for details).

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