Unique Cycle Master's Degree in PRIMARY TEACHER EDUCATION

Degree course in italian
Degree course
Unique Cycle Master's Degree
MIUR Class
Scienze della formazione primaria - LM-85 bis (DM270)
5 years
Academic year
Type of access/Available places
Limited access course
Career opportunities - Professori di scuola primaria - Professori di scuola pre-primaria

Course description

Available seats 100. The selection and admission test to the degree course is envisaged in compliance with the Ministerial Directions. The admission test is the 11 September 2020 and will be commissioned to an external company in order to guarantee confidentiality, quality and timeliness. The results of the entrance test will highlight those admitted and any cultural gaps in order to plan specific training. The winners of the selection, after enrollment in the course: - will have access to a pre-registration consultancy service that will provide merit information on the competence profile, on the internship activities through a workshop meeting.

Applicants must hold a High School Diploma or a foreign qualification valid for access to university education.

Polo Urbano. Via di Valesio. Studium 2000. Lecce.

Teaching in kindergarten and primary school (state and private schools).

COURSE DIRECTOR PROF. STEFANIA PINNELLI stefania.pinnelli@unisalento.it DIDACTIC MANAGER MARIACRISTINA SOLOMBRINO mariacristina.solombrino@unisalento.it ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ALESSANDRA MARGARITO alessandra.margarito@unisalento.it

The single-cycle degree program (5 years) in Primary Education Sciences promotes advanced theoretical-practical training in the psycho-pedagogical, methodological-didactic, technological and research disciplines that characterize the professional profile of a kindergarten and primary school teacher. The goal is to train a professional capables of managing both the cognitive and the affective and socio-relational aspects of learning, promoting the motivation, creativity and development of children's identity. The curriculum therefore develops theoretical and didactic training on the disciplinary areas accrorsing to the national programmatic indications for the school orders considered, providing specific training for the reception and inclusion of students with disabilities. The course also pursues as a transversal objective the acquisition of relational skills, and the theories connected to them, and communication skills related to the management of the adult-child relationship, of the group, of communication within the school community and with families, as well as the relationship with other formal and informal educational agencies in the area.

The final exam consists in the elaboration and discussion of a thesis which certifies the ability of the students to analyze and critical thinking in relation to a topic relating to cultural and professionals that characterize the professionalism of the teacher in kindergarten and primary school. At the end of the course, the graduates of the class obtain the teaching qualification for both kindergarten and primary school. The achievement of the degree is the result of an overall evaluation of the study curriculum, the degree thesis and the internship report. The application for the approval of the degree thesis title must be submitted online, at least 3 months before the degree exam, and must contain the title of the degree thesis and the name of the supervising professor. From June 2020, the Degree sessions will be held in TOL mode approved by the University.


Course modules