Master's Degree in Economics Finance and Insurance

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Economia finanza e assicurazioni
Degree course
Economics Finance and Insurance
Master's Degree
MIUR Class
Classe delle lauree magistrali in Finanza - LM-16 (DM270)
2 years
Academic year
Type of access/Available places
Free access course
Career opportunities - Specialisti in attività finanziarie - Specialisti dei sistemi economici

Course description

Access is not restricted. Quota reserved to non-EU students residing outside Italy: 20 seats (see The admission requires to pass an oral exam with a Committee composed of 3 Professors, aimed at evaluating the basic business and economic-law knowledge, as well as at assessing the motivational aspects (see

Admission to the Master's Degree course requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Admission is possible also for the Bachelor’s degree graduates with 60 credits in the following areas of interest: Economy, Mathematics, Statistics, Business and Law. Those who have obtained the degree in other universities, must send a self-certification in accordance with the D.P.R. 445/2000, specifiying the degree obtained, with the exams passed, the credits earned and the corresponding scientific-disciplinary sectors of reference, within the deadline for submitting the application.

Campus Ecotekne Pal. C - S.P. 6, Lecce - Monteroni - LECCE (LE)

The course aims to train highly qualified professional profiles with skills in the various strategic areas of Finance and Economics. Graduates in this Master’s Degree Program acquire skills in: a) Finance and Insurance, for the performance of high-level functions in the banking and insurance sectors, with reference to the risk management, the use of actuarial techniques and the analysis of financial and insurance market trends; b) economic systems, in order to perform managerial functions in the private and public sectors, at national and international level, for the interpretation and forecasting of the main macroeconomic variables.

Academic coordinator: Prof. Donato Posa

Staff coordinator: dr. Anna Miglietta 

The inter-class master's degree course in Economics, Finance and Insurance aimed at providing professional profiles, with economic, managerial and law knowledge, as well as statistical skills, useful to introduce graduates in the financial and insurance markets. The course, designed to provide the qualification in Economics, Finance and Insurance after two years, represents the natural extension of the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Economics and Finance. The course includes a mono-curricular program in the first year (except for one subject), and two study paths (curricula) in the second year: Finance and Insurance (LM-16) and Economics (LM-56). The Finance and Insurance curriculum focuses on subjects belonging to financial, actuarial and statistical areas, while the Economics curriculum focuses on micro- and macro-economic issues concerning International Economics, as well as in Economics and Business Management.

The final dissertation for the achievement of the Master's Degree concerns a written report/thesis, assigned in one of the subjects studied by the candidate during the degree course, under the guidance of the teacher who assigned the topic. In particular, the dissertation is focused on:

  • the analysis of the literature related to a specific topic/research
  • the exploration and description of cases study;

The candidate must demonstrate to have acquired knowledge and skills required by the learning objectives of the course. The final assessment is based on the student's career, including the marks obtained in the exams, the mobility period abroad, as well as the performance shown during the oral discussion.

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Course modules



6 credits - Compulsory


12 credits - Compulsory


8 credits - Compulsory


18 credits - Compulsory


4 credits - Compulsory