Master's Degree in HISTORY OF ART

Degree course in italian
Degree course
Master's Degree
MIUR Class
Classe delle lauree magistrali in Storia dell'arte - LM-89 (DM270)
2 years
Academic year
Type of access/Available places
Free access course
Career opportunities - Esperti d’arte - Redattori di testi tecnici - Curatori e conservatori di musei

Course description

The study course in History of Art aims to train professionals who are experts in the history, conservation and protection of the visual arts and tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Graduates in History of Art are expected to have a solid historical and philological education aimed at research, teaching and heritage education. They will have a thorough knowledge of the chronological development of architecture, sculpture, painting and applied arts on the European continent, from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age.
Admission to the LM-89 is open to students holding a degree in Cultural Heritage (L-1) or in Humanities (L-10). Graduates coming from other degree classes, or in possession of a four-year degree or a first-level academic diploma issued by the institutions belonging to the system of higher education and artistic and musical specialisation, may also be admitted, provided that they have acquired at least 54 CFU in the following scientific-disciplinary sectors
- at least 24 credits in the following fields: L-ART/01, L-ART/02, L-ART/03 , L-ART/04, L-ART/05, L-ART/06, L-ART/07;
- at least 30 in the following additional fields: L-FIL-LET/04, L- FIL-LET 10, L-FIL-LET/11, L-LIN/01, M-STO/01, M-STO/02, M-STO/04, M-FIL/04, M-FIL/06, M-GGR/01, MGGR/02, L-ANT/02, LANT/03, L-ANT/04, L-ANT/07, L-ANT/09, L-ANT/10, IUS/08; IUS/09, FIS/07, CHIM/01, CHIM/02, SPS/07, SPS/08.
Students must be able to express themselves fluently in a foreign language of the European Union in both written and oral form, also with reference to the subject vocabulary; computer skills applicable to cultural heritage will also be assessed. Irrespective of the curricular requirements, all students will be tested on their personal preparation in the manner defined in the teaching regulations.
Graduates in 'History of Art' carry out their professional activities at:
- Museums and Superintendencies
- Auction houses, antiques firms and trade of
works of art
- Society of culture
- Design groups for restoration
- Tourist agencies and tour operators
- Local authorities promoting the territory
The final examination consists of the discussion of a dissertation written in an original manner by the student, either in Italian or in a language of the European Community, under the guidance of a supervisor, concerning a discipline of the degree course. The final mark is expressed in 100ths and the committee, in awarding it, will take into account the candidate's overall curriculum, the quality of the dissertation, the progress of the discussion and any other element that may contribute to the assessment. The proposal for an honourable mark must be unanimously accepted by the committee.
"Di Ateneo" - Single university degree (Final award of the degree issued by the University of Salento)
President of the Course: Professor Lucinia Speciale,

Course modules