Bachelor's Degree in PHILOSOPHY

Degree course in italian
Degree course
Bachelor's Degree
MIUR Class
Classe delle lauree in Filosofia - L-5 (DM270)
3 years
Academic year
Type of access/Available places
Free access course
Career opportunities - Tecnici della pubblicità - Organizzatori di fiere, esposizioni ed eventi culturali

Course description

The Programma is completely free. Quota reserved to non-EU students residing outside Italy: 10 seats

Program admission requires a High School diploma or other equivalent and approved qualification obtained abroad. Students must possess a general knowledge of Philosophy and minimum scores corresponding to B2 level of Italian language. The initial preparation test is carried out by means of a self-assessment access test (Single Department Test) which will take place online. It consists of 30 closed-answer questions with 4 answer options, but only one answer can be keyed as correct: 2/3 of the questions will deal with “basic knowledge” topics and 1/3 with “specific knowledge” topics, relevant to the History of Philosophy. There are some additional learning requirements (OFA) to be achieved in the first year of the Program in case the initial requirements are not met.

Studium 2000, Via di Valesio, 73100 Lecce

Our Philosophy Program aims first and foremost to train excellent High School professors, and last but not least, to train the following professional figures: Cultural Operator, Editor and Press Agent.

Presidente Corso di Laurea prof. Igor Agostini igor.agostini@unisalento.itI internationalisation prof. Alessandra Beccarisi Didactic commission prof. Fabio Sulpizio

The Program (Corso di Laurea in Filosofia) will provide a wide range of skills and knowledge, linked both to Philosophy and History of Philosophy from Ancient to Modern Times. Our strong points are: 1) Stable and solid educational offer which allows access to further levels of philosophical studies (Master’s degree and Doctoral school). In the first year, the Program is planned to acquire principally basic skills in the field of the History of Philosophy and Philosophy Institutions as well as in the field of the historical and language skills necessary for a direct approach to the Classics of Philosophy. In the second year, the training Program will deepen historical, philosophical, moral and theoretical backgrounds as well as pedagogical and psychological disciplines. In addition, an examination of your choice is offered here in order to give you the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge within a specific discipline, possibly by focusing on the skills related to the disciplinary field of the final examination. The third year sees the completion of the basic training in philosophical and historical disciplines, suitably integrated with language and sociological skills. A wide and well-structured offer will allow students to choose from different options, such as an in-depth analysis of a historical, philosophical, theoretical and moral approach. 2) Work experience in companies or organizations, already partners with our Program, particularly in the field of communication and information management, as well as in the production and research facilities related to information technology. 3) Possibility of building your curriculum in continuity with the Master Program in Philosophical Sciences (Corso di Laurea in Scienze filosofiche: LM-78) in order to : a) acquire the credits necessary for High School teaching; b) acquire the necessary preparation in order to access one of the two International Double Degrees in partnership with both the Sorbonne Université and the Universität zu Köln. 4) A close and fruitful relationship between teachers and students.

The final examination consists in the discussion of a short written paper on a subject, agreed by both students and supervisors, in front of the Commission, whose members may ask any questions to the candidate to ascertain his or her preparation, even if not specifically related to the proposed topics. The final test will also include the verification of additional language skills, necessary for the use of specific bibliographic tools in the original language.

Université Paris Sorbonne, Universität zu Köln

Course modules


Epistemology (M-FIL/02)

12 credits - Optional


12 credits - Optional


12 credits - Optional

Moral philosophy (M-FIL/03)

12 credits - Optional

Theoretical philosophy (M-FIL/01)

12 credits - Optional


12 credits - Optional

General Psychology (M-PSI/01)

12 credits - Compulsory


12 credits - Compulsory