IBTIKAR project


Project Reference: 618491-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP


IBTIKAR is a national project that aims at:

  • Increasing the production of joint high-quality research through a new class of thinkers able to cope with the local and global challenges, solving community problems and impacting on the socio-economic growth in Libya.
  • Enforcing the role of Libyan universities and promote the quality and quantity of researches, so as to make a transition within the multidimensional targets of sustainability.

IBTIKAR project deploys different research methodologies based on participative, collaborative and tailored approaches in which the knowledge is built thanks to different techniques useful to develop training and capacity building actions for the Libyan Universities:

  • A vertical CB action (ToT) where EU train Libyan Partners on the basic skills required to run research on the basis of the designed model.
  • A horizontal CB action, where Libyan Academic and Administrative staff from the more advanced Libyan Universities train the staff from other Libyan Universities.

Libyan administrative and academic staff will be able to share with their counterparts not only the knowledge acquired but also their experience in managing and implementing research activities in the Libyan context.

Each University, by training academic and administrative staff, can guarantee a high level of performance and efficiency, together with a high-quality standard of teaching and learning, on a long-term basis. Libyan research centres will be equipped and properly refurnished from both technological and human resources point of view. Finally, IBTIKAR foresees the definition of a White Paper aiming at bringing the attention of decision-makers on the definition of a Libya National Research Agenda, which will support specialization strategies within universities, enforcing existing research centres and research units, supporting universities in research management and training in specific field of knowledge, as well as setting up proper infrastructures.