IT Centre

It’s possible to use a wireless connection in all locations of the University.  A password will be released on demand. For further information see

Computers for bibliographical research are available to students in the various libraries. 
Site by: SIBA (University Library Information Services):
Libraries catalogue:

Computers for text processing and free Internet connection available at:

  • CLA - The University Language Centre - Via Carluccio, n°2;
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages -“Edificio Sperimentale”, Via F. Calasso 3/A;
  • Law Faculty, Li Tufi, Via per Monteroni
  • Codacci Pisanelli, Porta Napoli (open space)
  • Department of Social System and Communication Sciences - “Palazzo Guagnano”, Via dei Salesiani;
  • Faculty of Engineering - “La Stecca”, via per Monteroni;
  • Complesso Ecotekne (H1-H4), piazzale Daniele Caiaffa, via per Monteroni
  • Studium 2000 – Interfaculty Library, Via di Valesio

Last Update Date: 12/21/2020