Students enrolled at the University of Salento can apply for accommodation in student residence halls. Contact Adisu, the regional authority for student support in higher education.
Accommodation is assigned on the basis of academic merit or financial circumstances. A selection procedure is carried out annually by Adisu. Applications can be made online.
Rents in student halls of residence vary from a minimum of €120 to a maximum of €200 depending on the type of room and students' financial circumstances.
There are 5 student residences to choose from. They are all double room with WC/Bathroom and no cooking facilities). Please note that these residences close during Christmas and Easter holidays.
Close to town centre:

  • Residenza "A. Rizzo" - via Adriatica
  • Residenza "E. De Giorgi" - via dei Salesiani
  • Residenza "M. Corti" - via Lombardia

Close to Ecotekne:

  • Residenza "Lopez y Royo" - via del Mare - Monteroni di Lecce

Close to Brindisi annexe:

  • Residenza "Cittadella della Ricerca" - S.S. 7 per Mesagne - Brindisi

For further information: Adisu website.
- For a specialised International accommodation service please check, a service provided, in partnership with UniSalento, by Apulia Student Service Cooperative.

Last Update Date: 12/21/2020