Unisalento4Talents - 2024/2025

The Unisalento4Talents Programme is an initiative developed within the framework of the University of Salento’s internationalisation policies and aimed at increasing the number of international students who enrol in the 2024/2025 academic year as full-time students on two-year Master’s degree courses at the University of Salento.


In the context of this Call, by International Student is meant any EU student (excluding any Italian citizen) and non-EU student residing abroad who has obtained a qualification valid for access to his/her chosen Master’s degree course in an institution outside the Italian system.

A number of 5 scholarships will be available for each study programme offered within the 2024/2025 edition of the "Unisalento4Talents" programme. The allowances included in the scholarship will take the form of a bursary or service grant, depending on the final decision of the Governing Bodies. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a ranking with a maximum final total score of 30 points (minimum score allowed: 18/30).

The new 2024/2025 applications for admission to Master's degree programmes taught in English are now online!