Services and Facilities


Student Residence Halls

Students enrolled at the University of Salento can apply for accommodation in student residence halls. Contact Adisu, the regional authority for student support in higher education.
Accommodation is assigned on the basis of academic merit or financial circumstances. A selection procedure is carried out annually by Adisu. Applications can be made online.
Rents in student halls of residence vary from a minimum of €120 to a maximum of €200 depending on the type of room and students' financial circumstances.
There are 5 student residences to choose from. They are all double room with WC/Bathroom and no cooking facilities). Please note that these residences esidences close during Christmas and Easter holidays.

Close to town centre:

Close to Ecotekne:

Close to Brindisi annexe:

For further information: Adisu website.

- For a specialised International accommodation service please check, a service provided, in partnership with UniSalento, by Apulia Student Service Cooperative.

The Centre for Disability Services

Support Services

The Centre for Disability Services and Integration in the "Right to Study" or Inclusive Education Office at the University of Salento has the role of facilitating university studies for students with disabilities; offering help, guidance and information. The following services are available:

  • Assistance and Administrative Guidance
  • Personalised Entrance tests
  • Counselling on Demand
  • Text books in alternative format
  • Lions audio books
  • Library and notebook loans
  • Tools for those with eyesight impairment
  • Contacts with professors
  • Tutoring
  • Transport Service
  • External relationships and links with other universities.
  • International Mobility

Services are also available for students with learning difficulties.


University Libraries Catalogue

Apart from the Interfaculty Central Library there are 22 other university libraries located in the various departments and faculties. Book patrimony of the University consists of approximately 1 million volumes, 600 national and international magazines and a precious collection of rare manuscripts and letters.
The library system offers also free electronic access to electronic resources such as e-journals, databases and digital maps.

SIBA (Coordination of Library Information Systems)

Language Centre

The Language Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, or CLA, in Italian) supports the teaching and learning of languages at the University of Salento. It offers foreign language courses to Italian students as well as Italian language courses to international students enrolled at UniSalento or coming to Lecce for an exchange programme. The Language Centre also helps students organise tandem learning activities.

For further information, please check the CLA website.


Users are notified that registrations for Italian language courses organized by CLA (University Linguistic Centre) have been opened.
The deadline for registering online is November the 15th.
To register please use the link below:


IT Centre

It’s possible to use a wireless connection in all locations of the University.  A password will be released on demand. For further information see

Computers for bibliographical research are available to students in the various libraries. 
Site by: SIBA (University Library Information Services):
Libraries catalogue:

Computers for text processing and free Internet connection available at:

  • CLA - The University Language Centre - Via Carluccio, n°2;
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages -“Edificio Sperimentale”, Via F. Calasso 3/A;
  • Law Faculty, Li Tufi, Via per Monteroni
  • Codacci Pisanelli, Porta Napoli (open space)
  • Department of Social System and Communication Sciences - “Palazzo Guagnano”, Via dei Salesiani;
  • Faculty of Engineering - “La Stecca”, via per Monteroni;
  • Complesso Ecotekne (H1-H4), piazzale Daniele Caiaffa, via per Monteroni
  • Studium 2000 – Interfaculty Library, Via di Valesio

Sport Centre

The University Sports Centre organises a number of well-subsidized activities, from fitness training and zumba to rugby and scuba.

Centro Universitario Sportivo Lecce
Palazzetto dello Sport “Ingegner Mario Stasi” - ingresso superstrada di Brindisi 
telefono: +39 0832 309115 
fax: +39 0832 256703 


The Museum System of the University (SMA) consists of:

The variety offered by the museum system represents a unique panorama of an Italian University which excels on a scientific-didactical level due to the precious collection that is on display.

The oldest Botanical Garden is based on the Agricultural Society founded in 1810.

The Museum of Marine Biology, with it’s collection of marine findings, tropical fauna, fish from the fathomless depths of the Ionion sea and erbarium, is one of the exhibits at the Marine Biology Museum of Porto Cesareo, founded in 1966 by Pietro Parenzan, which was acquired by the University of Lecce in 1977.

The Museum of Natural Environment collects fossils from the Salentine peninsula, as well as imprints of notable Palaeolithic interest. These imprints promote the spread of knowledge in regards to environmental problems.

The Museum of Papyrology has in its care a collection of approximately 400 Greek, hieroglyphic, hieratic, demotic, and coptic scripts which, together with other material, illustrates aspects of scripture and literature from the antique Mediterranean world. There is only one other institution in Europe which has a similar collection: La Papyrussam mlung at the National Library of Vienna.

The Museum of Historic Archaeology is aimed at the valorisation, didactic fruition, and the spreading of research conducted by archaeologist and historians of the University of Salento.

The Open Air Museum of Cavallino is part of the Italian network of Ecomusei, and occupies an area of 45 hectares where a Messapic settlement has been found that dates back to the archaic age. Field work didactic activity is done by students of the Archaeology Faculty of the University of Salento, as well as students from other Italian and European universities.


At present there are 3 student canteens. Two of them are located in town, in the Students’ Residences in via Adriatica and in via Lombardia, here two meals a day are served including Sundays. 

The third one is situated at the Ecotekne where only lunch is served from Monday to Saturday. They all close during Christmas and Easter holidays. Prices start from € 3,00.

To access the service you need a card issued at no cost by Adisu at the following address:

Sportello infostudenti
Via Adriatica, 8 
73100 Lecce