Information for EU and Non-EU students who wish to apply for a PhD at the University of Salento

Requirements and Deadlines:

Public call for applications 2019/2020 - Deadline 4th July 2019 (1pm Italian time)

  1. Access to the PhD programs is through a public entrance exam. Notice of this is published annually in the Italian Official Gazette (Gazzetta Ufficiale, in Italian only) and on our website in English. Starting from the date of publication applicants have 30 days to apply. The application form in English is available on our website.
  2. Phd course programmes are annual, and public entrance exam dates and deadlines for applying are published between the end of June and July.
  3. The selection procedure will be completed by 31st October every year. Courses will begin 20 days from the publication of the pass-list and successful candidates must enrol within that period.

Eligibility requirements

Only applicants who have a dichiarazione di valore which attests that your degree is equivalent to an Italian Master degree level can participate in this program.
Applicants who intend to graduate no later than 31 December of the current year can take the PhD entrance exam. In this case, participation in the exam will be on condition of the candidate graduating by the end of December and the candidate will be required to submit certificate of graduation prior to enrolment in the PhD program.
Candidates who have obtained their degree abroad –or who will have obtained it by December 31 of the current year should organize a certificate of equipolenza, an official declaration that your degree is equivalent to an Italian university degree. If you have not done so it may be possible for the Salento University Doctoral School committee to evaluate it your degree qualifications, and decide wether or not you are eligible to apply. They will need to have:

  • Your degree certificate containing the final mark, or your running mark so far;
  • A record itemising each exam taken with the related grade;
  • Any other relevant documents which might help the Doctoral Committee assess your eligibility.
  • All the above documents, if written in a language other than Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or German should be translated into one of these languages. The translation must be certified by the university which issued them or by the Italian Embassy in your country.

These documents should be included with your submission following the general deadlines published in the Italian Official Gazzette (Gazzetta Ufficiale).

Admission to doctoral program

Admission to the selection procedure for the Doctoral Research Course is open to all, without age or citizenship limitations, as long as they enjoy civil and political rights in their state of residence or origin and that they hold a valid Italian 2nd cycle degree  or a foreign degree recognized as equivalent. It is possible to apply for more than one curriculum (see list of below). Detailed information on how to apply and on the individual doctoral courses please check the Public Notice document and the web page for applications).

  • Admission exam procedure will vary according to programme. It may involve a written exam, assessment of a submitted project, and then – assuming you pass – an interview. Details are always given in the call for applicants.
  • Students residing abroad may ask to be interviewed via Skype.


  • Students who obtain a scholarship do not pay University fees.
  • Annual university tuition fees are approximately. €1050,00 added to which there is a regional tax of €160,00 (max.).