The Inter-Asia Project

The Inter-Asia project aimed at enhancing scientific cooperation and students mobility with the emerging Asiatic area, involving prestigious Academic Institutions of China, Iran, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

The project is supporting the mobility of 29 international students, giving them the possibility to spend a period (up to 5 months) at University of Salento, to attend lectures or for a traineeship in the laboratories of the Departments of the Technical-Scientific Area.  

The project supported also the mobility of 4 students of University of Salento in China and Kazakhstan, for didactic/traineeship experiences.

The project financed also other activities and initiatives dedicated to the international students, with possible permanent effects in supporting the policies of internationalization undertaken from University of Salento in the last years, such as: the promotion of our initiatives on the site realized within the project, the creation of reception services for foreign students, the organization of Italian language courses, the realization of leisure and recreational activities with the aim to favor the reciprocal knowledge of students possessing different cultures, traditions and habits.

Other significant deliverables of the projects will be:

- to supply students language skills, possibly enabling them to improve their relational capacities;

-  to make UniSalento known to students belonging to Asiatic Countries, which could in a next future choose UniSalento to continue their studies as well as promote our University to their colleagues;

- to strengthen the educational collaborations with the Countries partner of the project belonging to the Asiatic region, with possible implementation of further mobility and/or didactic projects;

- to start research activities with the partner Universities on themes of common interest, that could lead to a strategic project partnership;

- to increase our academic visibility and impact in an international context.

Departments of University of Salento involved in Inter-Asia Project

International partner Universities involved in Inter-Asia Project

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