Inter-Asia - Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (DiSTeBA)

In the frame of INTER-ASIA Project, the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (DiSTeBA) has implemented a mobility flow of students from Kazakhstan and Iran.


The two partner Universities involved in the exchange and cooperation activities are:


"Al-farabi Kazakh National University" of Almaty, in Kazakhstan

"Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University" of Sari, in Iran.

The interest of international students towards DiSTeBA was remarkable and the Department received 10 students from "Al-farabi Kazakh National University," which are Aigerim Mamirova, Diana Baizhigitova, Assem Tangirbergenova, Gulmira Utebayeva, Nazerke Bizhanova, Nina Deryabina, Akmaral Rakhimzhanova, Laura Shaimardan, Akbota Akhmetkaliyeva, Leskul Orynbassar 

and 10 students from  "Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University" which are Sara Yousefipoor Gabieh, Leili Sadeghiamiri, Niloofar Aliniabagheri, Faezeh Assariannoushabadi, Mina Khalaj, Parisa Mohammadi Sefat, Zahra Johari Shabloo, Niusha Nejatisaravi, Narjes Badfar and Amouei Hoorieh.

These students performed an internship for 4-6 months.

Students from the two Asian universities were engaged in training activities in DiSTeBA research laboratories, where they followed programs of high scientific value in the fields of Biology, Biotechnology and Agri-Food Sciences.

The project also allowed the selection of a Master's Degree student in Biotechnology of the University of Salento for a 4 months period of internship at the Kazakh University partner.


Mina Khalaj (on the left)

"The Inter-Asia project was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. This project made me get acquainted with new cultures and people. Working in the Genetics lab with a great, lovely and professional teamwork was really enjoyable. Their guidance and support has been amazing. I really love them and appreciate everything I've learned".

Gulmira Utebayeva and  Nazerke Bizhanova

"During the Interasia internship in the laboratory of Ecology  we managed to learn how to conduct research in the basin using sampling methods and special equipment for sampling. We worked in the Research Center of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Aquatina, Frigole, conducting research there".

Diana Baizhigitova

"Inter-Asia project is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in this year. Working in the laboratory with such wonderful people helped me to get new impression from teamwork and research activities.
The project is a great possibility for students to learn something new and to get acquaintance with a culture of another country, to understand yourself in unknown environment. After living for a while there everyone  will definitely want to come back soon to get new fantastic memories".

Outgoing Students

Alessandro Sicuro
Al-farabi Kazakh National University”, Almaty, Kazakhstan

"Inter-Asia is a very interesting and informative project, I had the honor of being the first of our department to participate, I think we should continue to propose it again in the following years  if there is the possibility, as was given the opportunity to study and work abroad, in countries very different from ours. Four months have been intense, full of work and study but also new friendships and breathtaking places. I would like to thank both the University of Salento and the Al-Farabi Kazakh national University for giving me this great opportunity for growth, both professional and personal".